ESReDA Newsletter – December 2020
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Dear ESReDA Members,

ESReDA went through a hard Year 2020. The hardest was to be obliged to move, cancel, or postpone, at the last minutes, events that had been decided long time ago. The negative impact was not financial. It was rather the loss of networking opportunities. ESReDA semi-annual seminar is one of the principal networking means ESReDA has. Hopefully, ESReDA has another major means that is ESReDA’s Project Groups (PGs).

As most of you know, ESReDA PGs are thematic working groups. They are created after proposals from ESReDA members to establish the state-of-the-art on a given theme in relation with Systems Reliability, Safety and Data fields. Once a proposal is endorsed by ESReDA Board of Directors and approved by ESReDA General Assembly, the PG can officially start working on the proposed theme and use its allocated annual budget. The PG has 4 years, at maximum, to achieve its mission. It has two obligations: to deliver a technical report and to organise one ESReDA seminar at least. The technical reports are published in the form of books. In some cases, the books are sold. In some others, they are put in free access. Each of the experts participating in the PG receives a free copy of the Book. These experts are not necessarily ESReDA members. But the PG’s leader should be an ESReDA active member.

I should congratulate all ESReDA PGs who took advantage of the pandemic context to reinforce the regular communications between their members and to boost their production during this hard year.

Their capability to switch, in a short time, their well-installed practices to a new operational pattern is to be greeted.
Today, two ESReDA PGs are finalising their technical books and will soon publish them.|

Inspired by this success, ESReDA should move forward in generalising the use of the ICT tools to radiate wider and more frequently, within the community. ESReDA should make the best use of the ICT tools to enhance its visibility, attractiveness, and the quality of its intellectual production.

The integration of the ICT modern tools in ESReDA practices will be decided at all levels of its actions. The procedures to implement ICT tools in ESReDA practices will be discussed and designed with all ESReDA members. By the beginning of 2021, ESReDA members will be asked to participate by ideas and actions to conduct this deep transformation in ESReDA practices.|

In the meantime, I would like to wish to all a joyful Christmas time and a wonderful end of the year 2020.

PDF is available (click to download).