ESReDA Publications
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ESReDA main activity is to promote project groups. These project groups work is completed once the work is published in a form of a book . some of the project group produce guidelines, which are widely used in the industry. Once such guideline is safety investigation of accidents. This can be downloaded for free here.

A previous project group produced Guidelines for Safety Investigations of Accidents.
This can be downloaded for free here.

Past Publications can also be ordered from our online store.

The following ESReDA books are available:

  • ESReDA Maintenance Modelling and Applications
  • ESReDA Accident Investigation Practices (pdf)
  • ESReDA Ageing of Components and Systems
  • ESReDA Decision Analysis for Reliability Assessment
  • ESReDA Guidance Document for Design, Operation and Use of Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) Databases (pdf)
  • ESReDA Handbook on Quality of Reliability Theory
  • ESReDA Industrial Application of Structural Reliability Theory
  • ESReDA Lifetime Management of Structures
  • ESReDA Shaping Public Safety Investigations of Accidents in Europe
  • ESReDA Structural Reliability Analysis into System Risk Assessment