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The 56th ESReDA seminar was held on 23‐24 May 2019, hosted by Johannes Kepler University (Institute for Stochastics and Linz Center of Mechatronics) Linz, Austria.

Vital services continuity is a major societal security issue in modern society. The supply of the vital services is guaranteed thanks to a large variety of Critical Infrastructures (CIs). Some CIs’ disruptions may endanger the security of the citizen, the safety of the strategic assets and even the governance stability. Continue reading “56th ESReDA Seminar Proceedings are available online”

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The 55th ESReDA Seminar took place in Bucharest, Romania, 9-10 October 2018, hosted by the Romanian Railway Investigating Agency (AGIFER).

This seminar was opened by Mr. Luís Andrade Ferreira, ESReDA president and Vasile Belibou, the AGIFER General Manager. For the first time for ESReDA, the State Secretary in the Ministry of Transports, Mr. Călin Cristian Forț, introduced on Romanian Railways evolutions. Continue reading “55th ESReDA Seminar Proceedings are available online”

The 57th ESReDA seminar was held on 23rd‐24th October 2019, hosted by the Technical University of Valencia and supported by the research and educational center C-Motores Termicos. There were eight paper presentations and three keynote speeches by Prof. Olga Fink (ETH Zurich), Prof. Sebastián Martorell (U. Poliètcnica de València) and Prof. Marco Riani (U. de Parma). Also, in a round table, it was discussed by Henk Wells and Mohammad Raza the problems dealing with the application of digital concepts to Risk Based Inspections. Continue reading “57th ESReDA Seminar on Advances in Reliability, Risk and Safety Analysis with Big Data (23-24 October 2019, Valencia, Spain)”