ESReDA Webinars on “Trustworthy Complex and Intelligent Systems” (24 August 2021)
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Data-Efficient Deep Learning using Physics-Informed Neural Networks

a talk by

Maziar Raissi
University of Colorado Boulder

Tuesday, 24 August 2021
16:00 – 17:00 CET
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A grand challenge with great opportunities is to develop a coherent framework that enables blending conservation laws, physical principles, and/or phenomenological behaviors expressed by differential equations with the vast data sets available in many fields of engineering, science, and technology. At the intersection of probabilistic machine learning, deep learning, and scientific computations, this work is pursuing the overall vision to establish promising new directions for harnessing the long-standing developments of classical methods in applied mathematics and mathematical physics to design learning machines with the ability to operate in complex domains without requiring large quantities of data. To materialize this vision, this work is exploring two complementary directions:

  1. designing data-efficient learning machines capable of leveraging the underlying laws of physics, expressed by time dependent and non-linear differential equations, to extract patterns from high-dimensional data generated from experiments, and
  2. designing novel numerical algorithms that can seamlessly blend equations and noisy multi-fidelity data, infer latent quantities of interest (e.g., the solution to a differential equation), and naturally quantify uncertainty in computations.

Maziar Raissi is currently an Assistant Professor of Applied Mathematics at the University of Colorado Boulder. Dr. Raissi received a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics & Statistics, and Scientific Computations from University of Maryland College Park. He moved to Brown University to carry out postdoctoral research in the Division of Applied Mathematics. Dr. Raissi worked at NVIDIA in Silicon Valley for a little more than one year as a Senior Software Engineer before moving to Boulder. His expertise lies at the intersection of Probabilistic Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Data Driven Scientific Computing. In particular, he has been actively involved in the design of learning machines that leverage the underlying physical laws and/or governing equations to extract patterns from high-dimensional data generated from experiments.

Trustworthy Complex and Intelligent Systems Webinar Series

This series is a collaboration between the European Safety, Reliability & Data Association (ESReDA), the ETH Zürich Chair of Intelligent Maintenance Systems, ETH Risk Center, ETH Zurich-SUSTech Institute of Risk Analysis, Prediction and Management (Risks-X), the Norwegian Research Center for AI Innovation (NorwAI) and DNV.

Webinars will be run monthly throughout 2021 exploring the themes of trust, ethics and applications of AI and novel technology in complex and safety critical intelligent systems.

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