ESReDA Webinars on “Trustworthy Complex and Intelligent Systems” (18 February 2021)
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Structured models of physics, objects, and scenes

a talk by

Peter Battaglia

Thursday, 18 February 2021
11:00 – 12:00 CET
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This talk will describe various ways of using structured machine learning models for predicting complex physical dynamics, generating realistic objects, and constructing physical scenes. The key insight is that many systems can be represented as graphs with nodes connected by edges, which can be processed by graph neural networks and transformer-based models. By considering the underlying structure of the problem, and imposing inductive biases within our models that reflect them, we can often achieve more accurate, efficient, and generalizable performance than if we avoid using principled assumptions.

Peter Battaglia is a research scientist at DeepMind working on approaches for reasoning about and interacting with complex systems.

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Trustworthy Complex and Intelligent Systems Webinar Series

This series is a collaboration between the European Safety, Reliability & Data Association (ESReDA), the ETH Zürich Chair of Intelligent Maintenance Systems, ETH Risk Center, the Norwegian Research Center for AI Innovation (NorwAI) and DNV GL.

Webinars will be run monthly throughout 2021 exploring the themes of trust, ethics and applications of AI and novel technology in complex and safety critical intelligent systems.

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