44th ESReDA Seminar
May 9, 2013 – May 10, 2013 all-day
Prof. Luís Ferreira / Vice Dean
+351 225 081 622

44thESReDA Seminar on

RAMS impact on Asset Management Stakeholders and Risk Assessment Methodologies

9th and 10th May 2013 Faculty of Engineering,

University of Porto, Portugal

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Scope of the Seminar

In our times, the economic and social environment is increasingly more complex, with the uncertainty in the financial markets and all the new situations that arise with globalization.

Organizations, in particular, the European ones, needs to improve their performance at all levels, in order to survive. So they must improve their level of ROI (Return on Investment), which is only possible through improving their rates of ROA (Return on Assets), as their physical assets represent the most important component of investment, and usually are not easily tradable.

To achieve their goals, organizations must control their business risks through the effective management of their assets. To ensure that this risks are controlled and that the ROI and ROA are provided in a sustained manner, it becomes necessary to manage the equipment (engineering assets) taking into consideration their complete life cycle.

Effective management of equipment, especially in capital intensive organizations, implies not only a vision that encompasses aspects of economic and financial nature, but involves permanently technical management of the operations of engineering assets, as they represent the most important part of investments.

The scope of this seminar is to provide a forum to present and discuss the relevance of Engineering Asset Management (EAM) and the importance of the contribution of Risk Assessment methodologies to EAM to be successful in all types of organizations: utilities, infrastructures, industries … in an environment of economic and social uncertainty.  It will provide an opportunity to share the best practices across all economic sectors as well as to identify the new opportunities to apply new concepts across organizations, public or private.

Relevant topics for papers

  • Strategic engineering asset management concepts
  • Risk and reliability analysis and management
  • The importance of risk assessment for Asset Management
  • Application of PAS 55 and the future ISO 55000
  • Key performance indicators for asset and reliability management
  • Asset management and risk assessment with limited information
  • Reliability centered and Risk based maintenance in an Asset Management framework
  • Optimization techniques
  • Key parameters in the operating modes and the mission profile that impact Asset Management
  • Maintenance perspectives in an Asset Management framework


Papers for the seminar are invited from all stakeholders (operators, industrialists, regulators, end user associations, universities, R&D organizations, Ministries, engineering contractors and consultants).

Domains of application (examples)

  • Energy sector: nuclear and non-nuclear (e.g. fossil, hydro, gas) power plants
  • Process industry: oil and gas industry, chemical and petrochemical facilities
  • Transport (rail, road, air, maritime): supply and distribution network, operation
  • Aerospace industry
  • Military Industry
  • Banking & Insurance
  • Health
  • Electronics
  • Automotive Industry

Invited keynote speakers

  • Carlos Fagundes, Senior Engineer, Head of the Reliability and Asset Management Department, Matosinhos Refinery, PETROGAL
  • Paulo Maia, Risk Executive Assistant, EDP Produção (to be confirmed)


Chairman of the Seminar

Mr. Henrik Kortner (ESReDA President, Senior Principal Engineer, Safetec Nordic AS)

Technical Programme Committee (TPC)

  • Dr. Luís Ferreira (Professor, Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto, Portugal).
  • Prof. Cyp van Rijn (Asset management consultant, Utrecht, Netherlands).
  • Alex Stuber (Chairman, European federation of National Maintenance Societies (EFNMS), Switzerland).
  • Kari Komen, Asset Management Expert, Finland.
  • Pascal Deccoussmaker, (Lead, Asset Management Technical committee, European Turbine Network ( ETN)),
  • S. Rao Palakodeti, Executive consulting Engineer, ALSTOM, US.
  • Mr. Mohammad Raza (RAMS Manager, ALSTOM Power, Switzerland)

Opening of the Seminar

Prof. Sebastião Feyo de Azevedo, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto shall deliver a welcome note

Local Organization Committee

Prof. Luís Ferreira, Local organizing Committee chairperson

Ms. Fernanda Fonseca, Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto, Local organizing Committee Secretary ( [email protected]).

Relevant dates, abstracts and papers submission and preliminary schedule

Authors willing to present a paper will have to submit an abstract, preferably by email,to Mohammad Raza:[email protected] and to Luís Ferreira:  [email protected]

Or to a TPC member according to the following schedule

  • Submission of abstracts: January 31. 2013
  • Notification to the authors: February 28, 2013
  • Full submission of camera-ready papers: April 12, 2013
  • SEMINAR: May 9-10, 2013
  • Other ESReDA joint activities: Board of Directors meeting
  • Project groups meeting: May 8, 2013

The abstracts should state within 400 words and address

  • Objectives of the paper
  • Relevance for the Seminar
  • Novelty
  • Methods and findings
  • Conclusions

The working language of the seminar is English

Registration and Seminar Fee

Fee to Non-ESReDA member participant is Euro 300€ (free for one speaker) to be paid by direct transfer to the following account:

  • Address: 1060 Bruxelles, Belgique
  • IBAN: BE69 0012 3728 1678.

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