43rd ESReDA Seminar
September 22, 2012 – September 23, 2012 all-day
43rd ESReDA Seminar on
Land Use Planning and Risk-Informed Decision Making – ‘Aménagement
du Territoire et Prise de Décision en Maitrise de Risques’
October 22-23, 2012, INSA-Rouen, 76801 Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray Cedex, France
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Land use planning and management of cities and different zones of industrial/commercial activities represents a major challenge today. Decision makers have to consider complex sets of constraints of different nature and to integrate wider range of risks before taking decisions and committing resources for medium and long term planning. These constraints may be of societal, economical, geo-political and even ethical nature. They need rationalizing their decisions and minimizing potential risks in order to guarantee an acceptable level of global security.

Risks could be of varying kinds: natural, man-induced, s ystemic or criminal. These different sources of risk are interacting in today’s developed societies. Subsequently, rational and optimized land use planning decision-making process can’t be guaranteed except through the development of multidisciplinary robust tools and methodologies based on full identification of risks.

Upper Normandy is known for its long history of industrial activities. Subsequently, the research in reduction of industrial risks and environmental impacts is emerging as a new technical underlying activity in the region. Upper-Normandy is engaged in supporting and encouraging the emerging research in this field and is willing to develop the relevant skills and knowledge.

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  • Land Use Planning & Management
  • Natural Risks
  • Man-induced Risks
  • Legislation and Control
  • Assets Management
  • Industrial Risks and Land use Planning
  • Sevesos hazard facilities
  • Hazard Propagation & Domino Effects
  • Mathematics for Risk Management & Decision Making
  • Data treatment, Analysis, statistics & Databases
  • Uncertainty Analysis & Propagation
  • HS, Organizational Science & Perception


  • Transport (fluvial, railways, terrestrial,)
  • Energy
  • Water Supply
  • Communication
  • Networks
  • Civil Engineering
  • Inspection & Control
  • Diagnosis & Prognosis
  • Defense
  • Aeronautics & Space
  • Educational, Formation, Training
  • Legislations, Codes, Standards
  • Control & Certification
  • Accidents Investigation
  • Governance

Organizing Committee

  • CEA
  • ESReDA (Co-Chair)
  • IMdR
  • INSA
  • Region HN
  • Valmaris (Co-chair)

Scientific & Program Committee

  • Cyrille Bertelle
  • Houcine Chafouk
  • Michalis Christu
  • Mohamed Eid (Chairman)
  • Abdel Khalak El Hami
  • Lionel Estel
  • Henrik Kortner
  • Robert Lafite
  • André Lannoy
  • Michel Lebey
  • Dimitri Lefebvre
  • Marc Moret
  • Innocent Mutabazi
  • Damien Olivier
  • Beatrice Patte
  • Jean-pierre Pecuchet
  • Fabienne Petit
  • Lars Pettersson
  • Jean-Charles Quirion
  • Jean-François Raffoux
  • HuaQing Wang

Seminar Language

The seminar language is English.


Seminar fees are 300 € for early payment (before 30/06/12) otherwise the seminar full fees are 350. Payment through bank transfer is the only accepted payment mode. Fees should be transferred to the following ESReDA account:

  • Holder : ESReDA – “43rd Seminar”
  • Bank : BNP-Fortis Bank, Tolpoortstraat 17, Deinze, B-9800, Belgium
  • IBAN : BE69 0012 3728 1678


ESReDA members’ and authors’ (one speaker per accepted paper) fees are taken in charge by the seminar. Registration to the seminar will be opened by the beginning of March 2012

Dates & Instructions for Authors

  • 30/03 : Abstract submission.
  • 27/04 : Acceptance notification.
  • 08/06 : Full Paper submission.


Proposals of contribution, no longer than 1000 words in free style (in word or pdf formats), should be sent before 30/03 to Mohamed Eid (to: [email protected], Cc: [email protected]). It should clearly include the title of the contribution and at least the principal author’s name, e-mail address, affiliation and full postal address.

43rd ESReDA Seminar Contacts

For any additional information about the seminar please mail to:
[email protected] and put in Cc the local organizer [email protected] .


(1) ESReDA: European Safety, Reliability & Data Association, an Internnation Non-Profite Scientific Association under the Belgium law (June 27, 1921, Title III). Headquarter: ESReDA, rue Gachard 88 Bte 14, B-1050 Bruxelles, Belgium, Siret:E00005802.

(2) Valmaris: Valmaris (Vallée de la Maîtrise du Risque) is a regional skilful network promoting collaborative actions, scientific and technical exchanges and operational feedback sharing in the field of Industrial Systems Safety, hazardous materials & Urban Risk management as well as work-related health with focus on preventing psychosocial risks. Its regional borders include the Seine Valley in Upper Normandy. Amongst its members, one finds public and private sectors, nongovernmental associations, regional administration, academia and research laboratories, engineering and technical institutes and various industry and trade associations. Valmaris offers an extensive representation of the major actors in the field of Industrial Systems Safety & Urban Risk management in Upper Normandy and aims at acting as platform for exchanges of expertise and best practices. http://www.Valmaris.org/

(3) INSA: a French national network of Engineering High Schools (National Institute of Applied Science) located in Lyons, Rouen, Rennes, Strasbourg and Toulouse. http://www.insa-rouen.fr/institution