PSAM12 – A call for papers
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In June 2014,  Hawaii will host the 12th edition of the Probablistic Safety Assessment and Management (PSAM) conference.

Honolulu hopes to attract not only those in fields from nuclear, process and chemical industries, off-shore and marine, transportation, space and aviation, IT and telecommunications, bio and medical technology, civil engineering, financial management and other fields.

A call for papers

The Conference will present and discuss innovative methodologies and the practical applications of these technologies in both reliability analysis and probabilistic safety assessment (PSA). The Conference will focus on the improvement of performance and safety of complex technological systems, economics, and environment — accentuating a broad PSA application and the human element. Domains will be broad to ensure the cross-fertilization of methods, technologies and ideas.

For more information on the Technical Disciplines and Application Areas, please visit the website – multi-platformed event will be held at the beautiful resort of Sheraton Waikiki where experts in industry can also bring their families to enjoy.