48th ESReDA Seminar -

In order to report on the most recent developments in the field of the CIs preparedness & resilience MS&A and the availability of the relevant data, ESReDA will held its 48th Seminar on the following thematic: “Critical Infrastructures Preparedness: Status of Data for Resilience Modelling, Simulation and Analysis (MS&A)”. The 48th ESReDA seminar will be held on May 28‐29, 2015, hosted by the Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland. More details can be found here

Past Events

47th ESReDA Seminar
The 47th ESReDA Seminar will cover all these aspects of fire related risk analyses from deterministic hazard analyses and consequence analyses up to probabilistic fire risk analyses, where the areas range from chemical, nuclear and energy industry, to transport and to structures.Registration will be accepted until 1st of October 2014. A registration form can be found at If you are unable to access this site, please download the registration form here and send it to The final program can be downloaded here
46th ESReDA Seminar
The aim of the 46th ESReDA seminar is to bring together scientists, engineers and decision makers in the field of structural safety and risk management, in order to present and discuss innovative methodologies and practical applications related to structural reliability and life cycle cost: assessment, testing, analysis, design, monitoring, maintenance and optimization.

Detailed information relating to the Seminar can be found here.

45th ESReDA Seminar

The scope of this seminar is to provide a forum to present and discuss the strategies to bridge the gap between safety recommendations and learning.Tentative information is now available.

Detailed information relating to the Seminar can be found here.
44th ESReDA Seminar

The scope of this seminar is to provide a forum to present and discuss the relevance of Engineering Asset Management (EAM).

Detailed information relating to the conference can be found here.

43rd ESReDA Seminar

Detailed information about the conference can now be found here

40th ESReDA Seminar on Risk Analysis and Management Across Industries

The growing complexities of equipment and systems, as well as the rapidly increasing cost incurred by loss of operation as a consequence of failures, have brought to the forefront the aspects of Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety (RAMS).

41st ESReDA Seminar on Advances in Reliability-based Maintenance Policies
Maintenance is defined ( IEC 60-300 3-14) as the combination of all technical and ad ministrative actions, including supervision actions, intended to retain an item in, or restore it to, a state in which it can perform a req uired function.
42nd Seminar on on Risk and Reliability for Wind Energy and other Renewable Sources
The coming decade should see a huge expansion of renewable energy systems, in particular of offshore wind systems. Many risk and reliability related problems for such systems are open and many may still be unarticulated.

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